Domestic Burlesque

A photographic experience which documents a rural Victorian burlesque dance troupe culminating in a live burlesque/photographic performance.

In 2010, there was a tourism marketing campaign to promote the Daylesford region with the catch phrase “lead a double life”. Tourists will come, spend their money and go again but the people who live here remain. So where do we go for our double life?

A visually incongruous sight at first glance perhaps - a burlesque group in Daylesford made up of mothers, teachers, dancers and businesswomen. Well really, why the hell not!

The aim of this project is to present not only the performance aspect of the troupe but also the real lives of the participants. The idea is to follow the family life and the rehearsals of the participants in a photo-documentary manner. This will be presented as an exhibition of images but this is not the complete show.

At the opening of the exhibition there will also be performances by burlesque group which will be photographed at that time and immediately printed and put up on display to complete the photographic part of the exhibition.

The idea is that both the photographic and burlesque art forms become entwined to such a point that the photo-documentary exhibition becomes a bit like the burlesque dance itself – it teases and may not reveal all.