On Siquijor island in the southern Philippines, series unfolds as a delicate translator of an ephemeral dance between rain and urbanity. This series is a collection of moments captured through the veil of rain-smeared glass, where the raindrops take centre stage, rendering the streetscape into an abstract blur.

These images explore the transient beauty of precipitation, showcasing raindrops as intricate jewels suspended in mid-air. By intentionally keeping the streetscape out of focus, I aim to elevate the raindrops from mere weather phenomenon to ethereal protagonists in a visual narrative. The glass barrier becomes the filter, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, as rain becomes an art form painting the town in shimmering droplets.

The resulting images evoke a sense of intimacy with the rain, inviting the viewer to experience the quiet poetry of a small-town tropical deluge. Each raindrop, a transient gem, refracts the ambient light, creating a symphony of bokeh that transcends the limitations of a typical rainy day. Through this series, I hope to convey the delicate balance between the tangible and the intangible, where the familiar becomes dreamlike, and the commonplace transforms into a canvas of elusive beauty.

These photographs celebrate the subtleties of the monsoon season, offering a contemplative space where viewers can lose themselves in the rhythm of raindrops clinging to glass. In this series, the unseen becomes palpable, and the overlooked gains prominence, encouraging a renewed appreciation for the nuances of nature and the enchanting moments that unfold in the midst of a tropical downpour.